Submission Guidelines

a. Formatting Style

     ANY FORMAT FOR THE INITIAL SUBMISSION IS ADMITTED. However, once the paper is accepted, it should follow the style of the journal. If you wish to use the paper template, it is found here.

b. Types of Paper

     By submitting the paper to IJCSR, the corresponding authors certify that it is unpublished and not under consideration for publication in other journals or conferences. Authors may submit a long, short, or position paper. However, depending on the recommendation of the reviewers, a long paper may be converted to a short paper, or vice versa.

  • Long papers (10-15 pages; 6001 to 8000 words)
    • Innovative papers
    • Advances the field of study
  • Short papers (6 to 9 pages; 4001 – 6000 words)
    • Papers that are methodologically correct but not necessarily innovative.
    • Papers that report implementations of software deployment.
  • Position papers (3 – 5 pages; 2,000 – 4,000 words)
    • Papers that stimulate debates or provide insights for possible research topics.
    • Serves as an avenue for experts to share point of views that could help aspiring researchers to develop their own studies.